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Repose Westbury Single Motor Riser Recliner Chair

£1,305.00 (Excluding VAT)

Mechanism *

Seat Cushion *

Arm Caps

Small Head Pillow

Head Roll

Head Cover

Seat Cover

Arm Upgrade – Wood Knuckles

Comfort Heat System

Relaxor Heat and Massage System

Reading Lamp

USB Charger

Accupak Rechargeable Battery System

20 Cycle Back Up Unit

Enclosure anti-entrapment skirt

Domestic Fabric Upholstery

Real Shelly Leather Upholstery

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The Westbury has a stylish design, with a beautiful upholstered scroll arm and split back cushion that is perfect for lower back and neck support. This rise and recline chair comes with a multitude of optional extras.

Choose from a large choice of fabrics and colours

  • Made to measure
  • Dual or Single motors available
  • Accessorise your chair with various options
  • Choose your comfort seating
  • Complimentary furniture available

The range of sizes available:

  • Seat Height 14 - 21"
  • Seat Width 16 - 28"
  • Seat Depth 16 - 22"

We can also offer adjustment to:

  • Back Heights
  • Arm Heights
  • Weight limits

We offer a wide range of sizes, including larger sizes. Your supplier will advise you on the size and weight combinations available.


  • Single Motor Wallhugger
  • Non Wallhugger

There is also 5 other versions of the Westbury Rise and Recline Armchairs:

Weight Requirements:

  • Max User Weight: 20 Stone (127kg) Max Leg rest Weight: 3 stone (12.5kg) (Single Motor Wallhugger)
  • Max User Weight: 20 Stone (127kg) Max Leg rest Weight: 9 Stone (60kg) (Single Motor Non Wallhugger)

For specfic requirements or bespoke quotatations, please contact one of our sales advisors on 01843-292136 or email us on [email protected]

The Westbury Riser Recliner comes with the following standard features:

  • A Side Pocket For Storage To The Right Hand Side Arm
  • Loop To Match Pocket
  • Durable Castors
  • A Safety Device To Lower The Chair In The Event Of A Power Cut
  • A Two-Year Warranty, With An Option To Purchase Our Comprehensive Five-Year Care Plan (5 Year Option £120.00)

Seat Options:

Standard Comfort Seating

  • Easiform: Our softest foam cushion with high quality Reflex foam filler for gentle comfort.
  • Firmaform: A cushion that provides a more supportive and firm seat with a high-quality filler from Reflex, the foam specialists.
  • Deluxe Pocket Sprung: The pocket sprung seating offers ultimate comfort at the heart of your chair, designed with individual high tensile steel coil springs in individual pockets, which give consistent support throughout the life of the chair and last shape to the cushion.

Comfort Options:

  • Viscoform: A cushion with a top layer of memory foam to allow immersion into the cushion, giving stability and a large surface area to reduce pressure levels.
  • Celliform: This cushion uses our unique Gelacell matrix which distributes pressure and promotes air flow keeping the chair fresher and cooler.
  • Liquiform: A cushion with a fluid liquid gel in a soft silicone cover which provides a high level of pressure relief.
  • Coolform: This cushion uses the latest silicone gel technology to give pressure relief as the gel conforms to the shape of your body and reacts to your body temperature.

Guide to our seat cushion classifications:

Low risk

  • Low risk cushions are aimed at people who have normal sitting posture and good mobility but are seated for greater than one hour at a time and require pressure relief that provides some supported and comfort.

Medium risk

  • Medium risk cushions are for people who have good posture and mobility but sit for long periods of time, have limited ability to relieve pressure due to restricted mobility and require pressure relief and supported comfort.
  • Low and Medium risk cushions are also a good choice for people with reduced muscle mass or who are emaciated.

High risk

  • High risk cushions are for people who have good postural position but who are unable to relieve pressure due to restricted mobility and require pressure relief and supported comfort provided by the cushion.

Very high risk

  • Very high risk cushions are for people at very high risk of developing pressure sores or a history of sores where the highest priority is to prevent further pressure damage. If a person has an open pressure sore or has had a sore in the last six months we would recommend that the GP or Tissue Viability Nurse is contacted for advice on the appropriate grade of cushion required.

Comfort Accessories:

  • Standard Arm Caps
  • Full Length Arm Caps
  • Small Head Pillow - The small head pillow provides additional comfort for those who may require a softer surface to rest on whilst stopping hyper-extension at the neck when reclined or tilted.
  • Head Roll - The head roll is useful to reduce depth for anyone with reduced neck extension or needing to keep their head in a neutral position for tasks such as eating or drinking whilst maximising comfort
  • and reducing effort.
  • Head Cover
  • Seat Cover
  • Arm Upgrade – Wood Knuckles (light, medium or dark)

Optional Extras:

  • Comfort Heat System - This system comes with two heat modules, one fitted into the seat of the chair and the other in a loose cushion heat pad that you can use behind your back, on your lap or to one side. The pads are controlled separately with an easy to use handset which has two temperature settings. The heat only system costs as low as 1p an hour offering an economic way of providing a little more warmth on cold days. Available on all chairs in our recliner range, the system features two controllable heating pads; One is fitted in the seat area during manufacture and the other is a loose, cushion pad that can then be positioned wherever you choose – behind you, to the side or on your lap. Simple, versatile control The pads can be independently controlled so you can choose to have both on, or just one. The easy to use handset also has two temperature settings; just press once for low and twice for high – it’s that simple and that versatile! Both the loose cushion pad and the control handset can also be easily removed and put away if required, by simply unclipping the cables, which are neatly hidden in the chair side pocket. Safety On the high setting the maximum temperature of the pads is limited to 65° and each is fitted with a thermostatic cut-out to prevent overheating. The system is also fitted with 4 fuses so that, in the event of a major spillage, safety is ensured.
  • Relaxor Heat and Massage System - The Relaxor helps soothe tired and aching muscles with gentle vibration and warmth. A separate handset controls different vibration zones built into the chair to massage upper back, lower back, upper and lower thighs and calves. Choose your own intensity and speed of each of the pairs of pads. The heat pad in the bottom lumbar of the back cushion completes the relaxing process, exactly what is needed at the end of the day. Please note: It is recommended that you consult a healthcare professional or doctor if you suffer with a medical condition or have any medical device fitted (e.g. pacemaker) before purchasing this system. This cannot be used with a Gel Cushion.

**Please Note** ** NOT COMPATABLE with pocket sprung & Anti-entrapment sensors and This cannot be used with a Gel Cushion**

  • Reading Lamp - This built-in lamp brings the light to where it is most needed and can be set at three brightness levels. This operated by the handset which operates your chair also. The Reading lamp can be removed and stored away when not required.
  • USB Charger - A USB charging point can be fitted to the chair to charge or operate items such as a mobile phone, tablet or ipad.

**PLEASE NOTE** Available on Scroll arm only

  • Accupak Rechargeable Battery System - This will allow your chair to operate without being connected to main power. So if there is need for the chair to be placed in a position away from a power socket, the chair can comfortable operate safely. The battery system installed will operate your chair between 80 – 100 movements before starting to warn an acoustic noise, warning you the power supply is low. With an overnight charge the chair will be fully charged and in operation the following morning.

Safety Devices:

  • Styleline Handset with On/Off Button - On some handsets you can choose to have an on/off emergency stop button. Please ask your supplier for the option available on your chair model.
  • Accupak Rechargeable Battery System - The Accupak power pack enables you to use the chair away from a power supply. The battery provides an average of up to 100 adjustment cycles and will need recharging regularly to retain the quality of usage. It can be charged by simply plugging it in. The system sits out of sight under the chair and the charging outlet is built into the side of the chair. Please note that the Accupak is not compatible with the Reading Lamp.
  • 20 Cycle Back Up Unit - This back up system comes as stand-alone unit that can carry out up to 20 chair adjustments. It should only be used as an emergency back-up system.
  • Enclosure Skirt: The enclosure skirt hides the mechanism when the chair is either in the full rise or recline positions. This has been designed to stop small pets entering the mechanism whilst in the recline or rise positions.

Optional Delivery information:

Standard Delivery: FREE for all orders.

Optional Engineered delivery and set up service is available for only £95.00 ex VAT, you will benefit from a nationwide network of engineers to support warranties with fast service at your home: no need to ship your items back to us for repair. For further information, Click Here or call us on 08006 123454.

Once delivered, the engineer will assemble/install your product, provide you with a full demonstration and answer any questions or queries you may have, all packaging will be removed.

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