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First Choice Mobility
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Guide to Buying a Mobility Scooter

Guide to Buying a Mobility Scooter

We are always at hand to help, just call us on 0800 6123454 or email our sales team [email protected] or complete our enquiry page here

Things to consider prior to purchasing a mobility scooter:


Do you need a scooter you can drive on the road, on pavements only or a folding scooter for out and about days?

Can it accommodate your weight, height, and level of dexterity – and is it comfortable?

All scooters have different user weights and different ranges as to how far they will travel.

Weight of car transportable scooters

Can you or your partner/carer lift all the car transportable scooter’s parts – for example into a car boot?

Weight Capacity

Do you need a scooter that can carry more than 20 stone? There is a range of scooters for heavier users.

Ground Clearance

Is ground clearance from the lowest part of the scooter to the ground an important factor? You’ll find most car transportable scooters will have a shallow ground clearance whereas the larger scooters will have a higher ground clearance


How far would you like to travel on a journey, will you be carrying out short trips to the local shop or do you wish to go on a bit more of an adventurous trip. Most car transportable scooters have a range of between 6 and 12 miles, larger scooters with the biggest batteries can travel from 25 to 30 miles on a single charge.


Does it have everything you need – for example do you need the scooter to be car transportable with a removable battery pack so you can leave the bulk of the scooter in the car and just take the battery pack indoors to charge. Some models have a standard size pack or larger heavier battery pack which will then allow you to have a longer range on your journey.

Do you require lights and indicators? The smaller car transportable scooters don’t usually have them but some do, lighting is always fitted to the larger 6 and 8 mph scooters and most pavement scooters


Do you require a lap belt fitted to the seat? Most of the larger models have them fitted as standard, we can fit or supply scooter lap belts.


Can the scooter manage the sort of journeys you are planning – for example, tight turns in a shopping centre or rough terrain, drop kerbs and longer journeys outdoors?


Do you have somewhere to store the scooter and charge its battery?

The scooter should be charged after every use, it is recommended thatthe scooter is charged fully after each use. This helps to keep the batteries healthy.


This varies dependant on the style of scooter you are looking for. Another option could be to opt for a reconditioned model. Opon purchase of a brand-new scooter the guarantee is 12 months, though with a reconditioned model this will vary.

For after-sales and servicing of the product we advise a service every 12 months, can you have a service on your scooter locally?


Although not obligatory, we recommend insurance is taken out on your mobility scooter, there are policies for insurance,roadside recovery,extended warranty on our website


How long it will take to be delivered and will it arrive assembled?

We offer different services which can be found on our web page regarding delivery, if you are local to our branches we will deliver the scooter fully assembled, fully charged and will always go through he operation of the scooter along with all functions and the charging regime.

Or if you are not local to us; do you need the scooter delivered without any packaging ready to go? All of our scooters are delivered free of charge to all UK mainland destinations in the manufacturers packaging. If you want it delivered ready to go without any packaging we offer a setup and delivery service where the mobility scooter is delivered ready to use by a technician with a demonstration of its features.

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