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Invacare Orion Metro 8 mph Mobility Scooter

£1,895.00 (Excluding VAT)

Height Adjustable Foot Box

Rear Bumper Bar

Front Bumper Bar

Off Board Charging Cable

Rollator Holder

Walking Frame Holder

Rear Motor Cycyle Style Storage Box – Lockable

Front Storage Box – Lockable

Larger Front Basket


Invacare Branded Storage Cover

Personalised Key Cylinder

Mobile Phone Holder

USB Adapter

Premium Colour Line

Classic Colour Line

Suspension Seat Post

Lap Belt with Auto Lock

Tyre Type

Orion Metro Model *


Roadside Recovery

Delivery *

Extended Warranty


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Invacare's Orion Metro is a compact 8 mph scooter from a leading manufacturer, offering reliable performance, comfort and a lengthy range, as well as updated modern styling. The Orion Metro is relatively compact for an 8 mph scooter, making it a good choice for those that need speed, but who don't have the storage space for a full-sized scooter, or who need the extra manoeuvrability the Metro's excellent steering provides. The Metro has both front and rear suspension and fitted with twin 50 Ah batteries provide a range of up to 21 miles on a single charge.

Invacare's rubberised shroud material makes the Orion Metro more resistant to impacts, reducing the chance of it picking up dangerous cracks and sharp edges. The colour-impregnated black plastic also minimises the visibility of scratches, helping to maintain the appearance of your scooter.

The full range of Invacare storage options can be fitted, including the ever-popular lockable front box, mobile phone holder and USB charger. A choice of classic colours of marble white, indian blue, jade green, diamond silver and jasper red are all available as standard, while the premium range of colours including carmine red, iconic chrome, electric blue, luxor beige and crystal copper are an optional extra. This allows you to customise the appearance of your scooter, enhancing its modern and stylish appearance.

A three-wheel variant of the Orion Metro is also available, though it should be noted that this comes with a reduced top speed of 6 mph. A two year warranty (12 months on batteries) gives you the assurance that the Orion Metro is a reliable and sturdy scooter that can be trusted to perform for you in the long-term.

The Orion Metro is best suited to those after a compact and reliable modern 8 mph scooter.


  • 12km/h (8 mph)
  • 5 classic colours
  • Deluxe Reclining and swivelling seat
  • Width, height and angle adjustable armrests
  • New Ergonomic Delta handlebar with easy tiller adjustment
  • 11" Pneumatic Black tyres
  • Adjustable seat height and depth
  • 2 x 50Ah batteries
  • Lighting system with indicators and automatic brake light
  • Two step disengaging lever
  • Anti‐splash protection for electronics
  • New Clear Intuitive control panel
  • Rear‐view mirror
  • 2 year warranty (12 months on batteries)

Colour Options:

Classic Colour Line:

  • Marble White
  • Indian Blue
  • Jade Green
  • Diamond Silver
  • Jasper Red

Premium Colour Line:

  • Carmine Red
  • Iconic Chrome
  • Electric Blue
  • Luxor Beige
  • Crystal Copper


  • Suspension Seat Post
  • USB Adaptor
  • Mobile Phone Holder
  • Invacare Branded Storage Cover
  • Windscreen
  • Larger Front Basket
  • Front Storage Box - Lockable
  • Rear Motor Cycle Style Storage Box - Lockable
  • Crutch Holder
  • Lap Belt with Auto Lock
  • Walking Frame Holder
  • Rollator Holder
  • Oxygen Bottle Holder
  • Off Board Charging Cable
  • Front Bumper Bar
  • Rear Bumber Bar
  • Cup Holder
  • Height Adjustable Foot Box - for those who require a shorter knee to heel length, keeps your feet grounded.


  • Width    26 in (66 cm)
  • Length    49 in (124 cm)
  • Weight    17.3 st (110 kg)
  • Weight Capacity    21.4 st (136 kg)
  • Suspension: Front and rear, suspension seat-post also available
  • Speed    8 mph (12 kmph)
  • Range    21 miles (34 km)
  • Battery size    2 x 12 V (50 Ah)
  • Wheel size    11 in (28 cm)

Additional Delivery, Warranty, Insurance and Breakdown Cover options:

We now offer an additional delivery and set up service, you will benefit from a nationwide network of engineers to support our warranties with fast service at your home: no need to ship your items back to us. For further information Click Here.

All our new Mobility Scooters’ and Powerchairs’ come with a full 12 month's warranty, with an additional option of Insurance and Breakdown cover (to add this option please select at the bottom of the page).  If you would like to protect yourself beyond the first 12 months please add the Extended Warranty option below.  Click Here or call us on 08006 123454 for more details.

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