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Heavy Duty Bariatric Rise and Recline Armchair 35 to 70 Stone

£2,855.00 (Excluding VAT)

35 Stone Model – 9 Stone Leg Left – Domestic Upholstery

40 Stone Model – 25 stone Leg Lift – Domestic Upholstery

50 and 70 Stone Model – 25 Stone Leg Lift – Domestic Upholstery

35 Stone Model – 9 Stone Leg Lift – Waterproof Crib 5 Upholstery

40 Stone Model – 25 Stone Leg Lift – Crib 5 Waterproof Upholstery

50 and 70 Stone Model – 25 Stone Leg Lift – Waterproof Crib 5 Upholstery

35 Stone Model – 9 Stone Leg Lift – Real Leather Upholstery

40 Stone Model – 25 stone Leg Lift – Leather Upholstery

50 and 70 Stone Model – 25 Stone Leg Lift – Leather Upholstery –

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Head Pillow

Head Cover – Antimacassar

6 Point Massage with Heat

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The Heavy Duty Bariatric Rise and Recline armchair manufactured to order in the UK. This well designed chair can accommodate users of upto 70 stone and has powerful motors for lifting and can have a leg lift motor of upto 9 stone or 25 stone.

Most recliner mechanisms have a footrest weight limit (4 stone), however many users of Bariatric recliners suffer from extensive fluid retention of the legs or swollen legs and ankles, meaning a standard mechanism is just not suitable.

We supply chairs with leg lift of 9 and 12 stone for the 35 stone model and leg lifter of 25 stone for the 40 and 70 stone chair models.

Bariatric riser recliners have specially designed motor than works within the parameters of 35 Stone (220kg) and 40-70 Stone (260-450KG). As a example the footrest may have two to three motors for the footrest lift only depending upon the users individual requirements.

The Bariatric recliner has soft and stylish lines and smooth contours for complete comfort. The attractive riser recliner is available in a size to suit the users individual needs and requirements. It offers ample dimensions and comfort for most users.

Riser Recliner Chair Movements Explained

Different mechanisms provide the smooth movement and functionality to suit your comfort requirements and the space available. Whether you need a riser recliner for mobility, health conditions, or simply to enjoy leaning back and putting your feet up at the end of a long day, the variety of movement options are designed to suit your individual needs.

There are many options when purchasing a riser recliner, so here’s a simple guide to finding your ideal chair.

Tilt-in-space movements

A benefit of tilt-in-space chairs is that there is no ‘back shearing’, or movement of clothes because the backrest does not separate from the seat like a usual riser recliner. Instead, the entire chair tips back on a strong rocker mechanism. Tilt-in-space chairs naturally elevate your legs above your pelvis and aid poor leg circulation, and other related ailments where a relief of pressure on the legs is favourable.

Single Motor Tilt-in-Space

Great comfort plus good for circulation and pressure relief as the users ankles elevate higher than the hips.Single motor riser recliner chairs elevate the footrest and recline the backrest in one smooth motion. A typical footrest rise of 45 degrees can be expected, as this is a comfortable position for reading and watching television.

Tilt in Space Dual Motor

Dual motor tilt-in-space models offer the greatest flexibility for back and leg rest positions. The motors can work together to maintain a 85 degree back angle, or can work separately to create a fully reclined position.

Standard Dual Motor

Dual motor riser recliner chairs allow the backrest and footrest to move independently as there is one motor for each of them. You can tailor your position, so being sat upright while having the footrest elevated is possible and vice versa. Because this movement offers independent leg rest and back rest functions. Seat box remains static inline with the arms during recline, offers independent back rest, Ankle almost lifted to level of hip.

Fabric Options:

  • Standard domestic upholstery
  • Waterproof breathable fabric
  • Real Leather upholstery

Seat Width Options:

  • 22 inches
  • 24 inches
  • 26 inches
  • 28 inches
  • 30 inches
  • 33 inches

Seat Depth and Height Options:

Seat Depth: 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 inches on all models - Seat Height: 16 and 17 inch on Dual Standard Low only. 18,19,20 or 21 inches on all other models

2 Year standard manufacturers warranty on frame, mechanism and mechanics.

Additional Delivery information:

We now offer an additional delivery and set up service, you will benefit from a nationwide network of engineers to support our warranties with fast service at your home: no need to ship your items back to us. For further information Click Here.

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