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Buxton Harmony Rise and Recline Armchair

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The Buxton riser recliner is our most wistful and evocative chair design to date. Fitted with the Harmony Single Motion system, it transports you from recline through to rise almost silently. So you can enjoy some peace and quiet whether you lean back and relax or get up and go! There is also an option of a dual motor version, so you can use the motors independantly.

This model comes with an additional 2″ footplate extension. This works to improve blood flow, alleviate pressure and reduce fluid retention. You can also enjoy two pre-set positions for an ideal TV viewing, or snoozing position. All at the touch of a button.


  • Built-in stops at seated position from the recline and the rise, saves any confusion.
  • An extra stop at suitable tv or snooze position.
  • lower back problems, no sheer factor on back, hips higher than feet
  • Whilst reclining it maintains a constant angle from back to seat, this aids in reducing spinal shearing and may improve any lower back problems you may have.
  • At full recline the footplate is approximately 6” higher than the hips, promoting better circulation and improving mobility.

Chair Motor Options:

Buxton Harmony has two different motor and actions options as below

  • Buxton Harmony - Single Motor
  • Buxton Harmony - Dual Motor

There is also 3 other versions of the Buxton Rise and Recline Armchair:



  • Seat Height: 55.88cm (22")
  • Seat Width: 46.99cm (18.5")
  • Seat Depth: 44.45cm (17.5")
  • Overall Height: 104.14cm (41")
  • Overall Depth: 88.9cm (35")
  • Overall Width: 86.36cm (34")
  • Weight Capacity: 25 Stone


  • Seat Height: 55.88cm (22")
  • Seat Width: 52.07cm (20.5")
  • Seat Depth: 49.53cm (19.5")
  • Overall Height: 114.3cm (45")
  • Overall Depth: 93.98cm (37")
  • Overall Width: 86.36cm (34")
  • Weight Capacity: 25 Stone


  • Seat Height: 55.88cm (22")
  • Seat Width: 54.61cm (21.5")
  • Seat Depth: 52.07cm (20.5")
  • Overall Height: 119.38cm (47")
  • Overall Depth: 96.52cm (38")
  • Overall Width: 86.36cm (34")
  • Weight Capacity: 25 Stone

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